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JonGunnar's Embodied Photography


Yes! Welcome to the club.

We -that’s JonGunnar (JG) and you - are going to create some magic together.

See an image of ours that you resonate with here out of the small samplings on this site? Let’s find your version of it. Or something completely different.

Some details about the session:

  • Sink into a 2 hour embodied photo shoot, a session that encourages playfulness, draws on your senses and elicits and documents dynamic aspects of your authentic essence. This includes 2-4 different backgrounds and outfits, working with items you or we bring. Anything more requires extra planning in advance, so let us know if you envision something specific!

  • We are there to support you in finding the pleasure in this process, whether you are camera slut or camera shy.

  • This is an opportunity to see yourself through a different lens. Leave with clearer vision of the beauty of your being. 

Once you book your session, Lexxi will take the wheel and coordinate the creative energy. After the shoot, you will receive 20-60 drafts of our creations, and we will guide you through a supported selection process. Just a brief bit about that: you will have 60 days to select your final 5 photos that are included in the price and give us notes about alterations to the image (cropped, more/less light, more/less color, etc). And, if you want more, you can have more at an additional cost.

JG will go and make the final edits on your selection and deliver within 30 days.

Whether you’re IN or deliberating, we will send out an e-mail about a month before the trip to give you more information about the actual photography session- what to expect, what to bring, what kind of support is available, suggestions about what you may want to consider. If you have any questions, clarifications, concerns about the above and want more information, reach out: JG 504-444-7087

We’re honored by the opportunity to consciously explore, learn, heal, and expand together.

Love your way!

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Book your Embodied Photography

view your self through a lens other than your own… while you are exceptionally radiant from the soul polishing offered at the back to the body retreats.

come get comfortable and confident with the camera. casually be while we document the beauty of that. air some essences that few others are privy to experience. be guided to more fully embody some of your fresher discoveries and explorations. walk away with photos to witness and remember your own sensual journey. see those endearing, dazzling sides of you that others see.

included in the package: 20 minute optional shoot consult (by request up to a week before retreat), 2 hour private experience of embodied photography, 10 minute edit consult, 2 rounds of edit notes, 5 edited photos. additional photos available for purchase.

more info in the email from

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